• You contact me :)

  • After solidifying details, I send you a customized quote.

  • If you agree to the quote and contract, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your place on the calendar.

  • On your reserved date, work begins!

  • When the calligraphy is done, I will send a picture along with an invoice for the remaining balance of your order.

  • Full payment is required before your completed order is shipped back to you/upon pickup. I will provide tracking number via Priority Mail unless requested otherwise.


Mailing guidelines:

  • Save the Dates: 5-10 months prior to the wedding date

  • Wedding Invitations: 6-8 weeks prior to wedding. Add an additional two weeks if you have international guests or those traveling long distances.


  • I use a guideline of 75-100 envelopes per week to calculate the time it will take me to complete an envelope project (plus shipping). This starts on your reserved date once I have all stationery and guest lists on hand. Rush orders can be accommodated depending on availability (rush fees apply).

  • For other projects, a general turnaround time is 1-2 weeks, but this is based on calendar availability and complexity of the project. Please contact me to discuss availability and project scope.


  • Please provide a Word file in label format (I can provide a template). I can also work with Google doc files.

  • Please note that you are responsible for appropriate attribution, punctuation, abbreviations, and spelling for your guests:

    • Do not abbreviate except for Mr., Mrs. or Ms.

    • Spell out the word "and"

    • Write out the words "Street," "Boulevard," "Avenue," etc.

    • Do not abbreviate state names

  • I will address your envelopes exactly as they are provided, so please double check your entries. Keep in mind that you are the one that gets to decide how formal or informal you want your envelopes addressed. This website may be helpful for questions on etiquette, but below are some very basic options:

    • Traditional: "Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly"; " Mr. John Kelly and Ms. Jane Kelly"

    • Variations: "Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe"; "John Doe and Jane Deer"; "John and Jane"; (I'm open to any variations you'd like!)

  • If you need to add additional names or make changes after sending the original list, please email only the changes, not the entire list again.

  • Clients supply their own envelopes. Please note that some envelopes do not take ink well. I can recommend envelopes suitable for calligraphy if helpful.

  • Include at least 15% extra envelopes in case for errors or additions. Any unused envelopes will be returned.

  • Address list and stationery must be received before the date agreed upon or you risk losing your place in the schedule and incurring a rush fee.


  • Client is responsible for providing signage material.

  • Local customers only (Rochester, NY) for large signs.

  • Seating Chart Layout Options: listing by table number or alphabetical order. Please send in excel or word format. If sending your list by table number, please make sure to alphabetize by last name under each table header.

  • Customization options are available to match the event invitation design or event theme.