Are you interested in learning calligraphy?

I'm very passionate about calligraphy, so if you're thinking about jumping into the craft, feel free to send me a message! If you're local to Rochester, NY, ask me about the Rochester Calligraphy and Penmanship Society.

Calligraphy Classes: I teach small group calligraphy classes on Spencerian Script at the Flower City Arts Center throughout the year. 
- Summer Session: July 10th - July 31st, 2018, four Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm.

Description: This uniquely American form of handwriting was the model used in schools and business colleges throughout the country from approximately 1850 to 1925. This course is a good introduction to pointed pen calligraphy, or for anyone with calligraphy experience looking to learn a new script.

Flower City Letters calligrapher in Rochester, NY.jpg