Pet & House Portraits

Calligraphic line drawings of beloved pets or cherished houses are a beautiful and unique way to celebrate these special parts of life.

Custom Pet Portraits

I use photographs of the animal to base the drawings on; so I ask for 2-3 photos with your custom order submission. You can order a custom pet portrait through my shop.

Pet portraits make unique and heartfelt pet memorial gifts, and it’s an honor for me to draw these beloved animals.

Pet portraits are not limited to cats and dogs, all animals are welcome!

Custom House Portraits

These pen and ink house drawings are perfect gifts for new homeowners! I hand-draw each house portrait using calligraphy nibs and archival ink and paper. I love adding all the tiny details that make your home special. Every part of the portrait is 100% done by hand (not digitally rendered).

I use photographs to base the house drawing on; please contact me below for a quote on your custom order (pricing starts at $100).

House portraits are perfect for housewarming gifts and realtor closing gifts!

Add Custom Calligraphy

Adding custom calligraphy is a unique add-on you can include from one line to an entire poem!

Some calligraphy additions you can include: “Our First Home”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Our Forever Home”, “The House that Built Me”, “The ___ Family”, “Couple’s Name + Move-in Date”, or anything else you’d like written.

Let’s Work Together

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Contact me today to get a quote for your hand drawn pet or house portrait.

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